Enhancing Attendance Management, Feedback System & Broadcasting for the Students of Maharashtra’s Skill Ministry (MSSDS) through Facial Recognition Technology to address the challenges associated with manual attendance tracking and limited feedback channels.

Userbase: 50000 – 120,000 Students Per Day


In this case study, Dutypar, a groundbreaking mobile application that utilizes facial recognition technology with liveness & GPS tracked to streamline attendance management and integrate student feedback and broadcasting as a Notice-Board in MSSDS. Dutypar introduces with an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reports for analytics, revolutionizing attendance tracking and enhancing the educational experience.

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The primary objective of Dutypar is to automate attendance management, enable real-time lecture feedback, and provide valuable analytics through its dashboard and reports. The app aims to improve attendance accuracy, optimize resources, and promote data-driven decision-making for Skill Minsitry.

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Facial Recognition-Based Attendance:


Lecture Feedback Integration:


Broadcast Feature:


Dashboard and Reports for Analytics:


Comprehensive Reports:

Advantages of Facial Recognition-Based Attendance:

Accuracy and Efficiency

A complete set of tools to enable marketing teams to curate, personalize, contextualize, send, integrate and track campaigns - no coding required.

Preventing Proxy Attendance

The facial recognition system ensured that only authenticated students could mark their attendance, eliminating the possibility of proxy attendance.

Privacy and Security

Dutypar securely stored biometric data, adhering to privacy regulations and safeguarding sensitive information according to government norms.

Streamlined Administration

Automated attendance management allowed faculty members to allocate more time to teaching and engaging with students, improving overall efficiency.


Dutypar has successfully transformed MSSDS’s attendance management and lecture feedback, leveraging facial recognition technology, a broadcast feature, and an intuitive dashboard with comprehensive analytics reports. By automating attendance tracking, capturing real-time lecture feedback, and facilitating efficient communication, Dutypar optimized resources, enhanced student engagement, and empowered data-driven decision-making. This case study demonstrates how innovative technologies can revolutionize attendance management via Facila Recognition systems and promote a more productive and engaging educational environment

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