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Facial Recognition Dutypar App for Shrine Entry with QR Code Scan and Payment Integration


In the realm of facility management services, accurately tracking employee attendance across multiple companies and cities is a complex task. Traditional attendance systems often prove inefficient, prone to errors, and require manual processes. However, the implementation of an AI-based facial recognition attendance system through a mobile application can revolutionize attendance management, enhancing efficiency and security while reducing administrative burdens.

shrine case study

App Workflow:

The facial recognition-enabled app incorporates several key features to facilitate a seamless entry process for shrine visitors. These features include:

Step 1: QR Code Scan


Step 2: Facial Recognition and Mobile Number Input


Step 3: Aadhar Authentication


Step 4: Payment Gateway Invocation


Step 5: Payment and Receipt Generation


Step 6: VIP Shrine Entry:

Benefits and Key Features:

Enhanced User Experience

The app simplifies the shrine entry process by integrating facial recognition, QR code scanning, and digital payments, reducing wait times and enhancing convenience.

Secure Authentication

The facial recognition system ensured that only authenticated students could mark their attendance, eliminating the possibility of proxy attendance.

Streamlined Payment

By integrating a payment gateway, users can make quick and secure transactions within the app, eliminating the need for physical cash or card payments.

VIP Access

Automated attendance management allowed faculty members to allocate more time to teaching and engaging with students, improving overall efficiency.


In conclusion, the development of a facial recognition app with QR code scan and payment integration for shrine entry offers numerous advantages, including improved user experience, secure authentication, streamlined payment processes, and VIP access. This case study showcases the potential of such an app to enhance visitor experiences while ensuring efficient entry management for shrines and similar places of worship.


The graphic above illustrates the sequential flow of the process steps involved in the app. Each step leads to the next, starting from scanning the shrine QR code, capturing a selfie, authenticating the Aadhar, invoking the payment gateway, generating a receipt, and finally gaining priviledged entry to the shrine. More processes can be added according to client’s requirement

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